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Video: Bryce James Shows Clutch Gene With Game-Winning Free Throw Makes

Video: Bryce James Shows Clutch Gene With Game-Winning Free Throw Makes

The James family line is looking to set to produce more basketball players. LeBron James has established himself as one of the greatest athletes of all time due to his incredible physical gifts and his remarkable basketball IQ. He has 3 children, and his 2 sons are already high-level high school players.

Bronny James is looking to transition into the NBA, with LeBron openly saying that he wants to play on the same NBA team as Bronny before he retires. Bronny isn't one of the highest-ranked recruits in his class, currently ranked 47th nationally, but does stand a chance to make it to the NBA on the basis of his name alone.

His younger brother, Bryce, might be the one with actual NBA talent running through his veins. Bryce is already at least 6'5" and has been impressing scouts across the country, with many believing he may be the more talented son from a basketball perspective. He's having some big performances, including his latest one where he won the game for his team after making 3 free throws. 

Bryce just did something his father struggles to do by icing the game on the free throw line. That's a light-hearted joke about Bron's shooting abilities, but Bryce does actually look to be incredibly competent at the fundamentals of basketball already.

Having LeBron James be a coach is extremely helpful for the James kids, but they have got to put the work in themselves also. Both kids have been grinding to walk in their father's footsteps and look well on their way to achieving that.

Whether LeBron's daughter decides to one day make a run at the WNBA is undecided, but considering what her brothers are doing and what her dad has spent his entire life doing, it isn't out of the realm of possibility.