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Video: Kevin Durant Gets Ejected From Nets-Pistons Game After Shoving Kelly Olynyk

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Kevin Durant shoving Kelly Olynyk

There are a lot of times where players get frustrated within the course of a game, especially if they are having a bad night. Sometimes, those frustrations cross the line and become physical.

It seems as though that has recently happened to Kevin Durant, who got recently got ejected from the Nets-Pistons game. Durant seems to have been ejected for shoving/elbowing Kelly Olynyk while trying to fight through the big man's screen for Saddiq Bey.

This isn't something that we see from Kevin Durant often, and it's not like the Nets' superstar has a track record for making dirty plays. This seems more like a one-time thing. Kevin Durant wasn't having a bad night either and was 10-13 from the field, putting up 23 points.

The Brooklyn Nets currently have a huge lead on the Detroit Pistons, and it's unlikely that they'll need Kevin Durant to close out the game. James Harden is still available, and he has a triple-double with most of the 4th quarter left to go.

Kevin Durant is one of the best superstars in the league, and his basketball ability shouldn't be questioned. However, he did deserve to get ejected on this play, and hopefully he avoids making plays like these in the future.