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Video: Kevin Durant Makes Young Fan's Day By Dapping Him Up

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is one of the most popular superstars in the league today, and there's no doubt that many people are fans of his play style. He is a player that is exciting to watch due to his perimeter play and shot creation ability.

Recently, a video of a young fan dapping up Kevin Durant went viral on social media, and the fan was clearly happy about the situation. It's good to see that Kevin Durant took the time to make the fan's day.

Athletes sometimes avoid interactions with fans, and for a good reason. However, Kevin Durant has been a player who is often willing to have conversations/interact with fans, whether on social media or in real life. He has stated previously that he doesn't "see a problem" with him "interacting with basketball fans" on social media, even suggesting that "it should be encouraged".

I don’t see a problem with me interacting with basketball fans, it should be encouraged…steve should’ve also said that I’m never late and I work through every rep in practice with game speed. That should be more interesting than what I do on Twitter.

Hopefully, we see Kevin Durant continue to interact with fans in the way that he does. These interactions can only be good for the growth of the game, and perhaps we'll see other athletes follow Durant's lead on social media in the future.

As of right now, Kevin Durant is under a lot of media attention due to his trade request from the Brooklyn Nets. He has listed his preferred destinations as the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns. With that being said, Kevin Durant has four years left on his contract, and the Brooklyn Nets could potentially trade him elsewhere if that team offered a better return. We will have to wait to see where Kevin Durant ends up in the future.