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Video: Luka Doncic Spotted Dancing With Shaquille O'Neal During Shaq's DJ Set

Video: Luka Doncic Spotted Dancing With Shaquille O'Neal During Shaq's DJ Set

Luka Doncic had a very busy June as he saw the Dallas Mavericks get eliminated from the playoffs in late May and then immediately heading to training camp for the Slovenian national team. Even though they were just friendly fixtures, it was to ensure Luka gets a rhythm with his national teammates ahead of EuroBasket 2022.

Now that the friendlies are over, Doncic has time until late August to enjoy his offseason the way he wants to. It seems he has gotten off to a great start, linking up with Shaquille O'Neal in an undisclosed location where Shaq was allegedly the DJ of the night.

A Twitter user shared a video of Doncic and Shaq together on the stage of a club, dancing in sync and then going for a hug. The pair seemed to be having a blast, imitating Doncic's 3-point shooting form as a dance step. 

Doncic came under heavy criticism for how he spent the 2021 offseason as videos and photos of him smoking hookah were leaked. As a result, Luka came into the season in poor shape and had to find his conditioning during the season. An ankle sprain in December is what flipped the switch in terms of Luka's productivity last year.

The Mavericks were objectively better after Doncic found his stamina and it is no longer a secret that an in-shape Luka can make the argument for being the best player in the league. He just needs to show everyone he can do it over 82 games.

This is the start of Luka's offseason, so he can afford to let his hair down and do whatever he wants now. But with major national commitments and a drive to replicate the Mavericks' 21-22 success next season, Doncic will have to make sure he is as alert and healthy as he can possibly be.