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Video: Steve Kerr Admits He's Still Hungover From Warriors Championship Winning Celebration

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The Golden State Warriors have won their 4th championship under Steve Kerr's tenure recently, and there's no doubt that this was special for the team. Normally, when a team wins the championship they celebrate, and the Warriors are no different.

When Steve Kerr got off the plane in San Francisco, he admitted that he was still hungover from celebrating with his team. Drinking champagne is a way many teams celebrate winning the championship, and it seems as though Steve Kerr partook in the celebrations with his team.

I'm not going to lie I'm hungover. We had a great night last night.

Steve Kerr now has 9 championships total in the league, 4 from his time as a coach and 5 from his time as a player. There is no doubt that he is one of the winningest individuals in NBA history period, and he was valuable to his teams both as a coach and as a shooter during his time as a player. He simply knows how to win at the highest level.

The Golden State Warriors are one of the most successful franchises in the modern era and perhaps we will see their success continue going forward. Their championship this year showed their resilience as a franchise, and their win has led many fans to suggest that the team didn't need Kevin Durant to become a dynasty.

Steve Kerr is obviously a big part of the Warriors' success and he deserves credit for being able to unlock Stephen Curry's full potential. While good players will be good in any situation, having a coach that can maximize one's superstar is extremely valuable. Stephen Curry is still in his prime, and there is no doubt that he and Steve Kerr will ensure that the Golden State Warriors are a top-tier team next season.