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“We Went Through Some Real Adversity": Kevin Durant Reacts After Winning Third Gold Medal

“We Went Through Some Real Adversity"- Kevin Durant Reacts After Winning Third Gold Medal

At this point, there really isn't anything Kevin Durant has not done in his NBA career. He's made All-Star teams, won an MVP, and now has three Gold medals to his name.

Still, after another victory for Durant, he made sure to express his excitement and pride after the game.

“We went through some real adversity. We lost a tournament game, we lost two exhibition games. We had guys coming in late, and we just fought through everything.

We wanted to play them again,” Durant said. “Just like we wanted to play Australia again.”

No doubt, it's clear that the rest of the world is really starting to catch up. Not only were a lot of the games close, but Team USA was actually beaten a few times at the start, causing quite a stir within the community.

But after a while, the team got back to their usual display of dominance. Led by Kevin Durant, they rolled through the bracket to claim Gold for the fourth straight time.

What's even more impressive about all of this is the fact that KD has done it all just a little over a year after tearing his Achilles.

It really puts everything into perspective and sheds some light on the greatness of Durant.

In the end, he came out of it with another Gold, cementing his legacy as one of USA's greatest players ever.