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When Jimmy Kimmel Roasted Shaquille O'Neal: "His D*ck Was So Big I Thought It Was Muggsy Bogues In A Fur Hat."

When Jimmy Kimmel Roasted Shaquille O'Neal: "His D*ck Was So Big I Thought It Was Muggsy Bogues In A Fur Hat."

Shaquille O’Neal is without a doubt, one of the funniest players in the history of the NBA. During his career, it wasn’t just Shaq’s sheer dominance that made him such a fan favorite. It was also his sheer charisma and sense of humor, as he made jokes and poked fun at other players and events in the NBA in a way that made a lot of fans laugh.

But Shaq is also a good sport and has proven that he can be the butt of a joke. And that is exactly what happened in 2002 when Shaquille O’Neal was the subject of a celebrity roast. This occurred during his time in Los Angeles, and one prominent Lakers fan was one of the roasters. And not only did he go after Shaq, but also after another iconic NBA player.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel took to the stage to deliver jokes at Shaquille O’Neal’s expense. Kimmel initially poked fun at the rest of the panel before turning his attention to Shaq. He focused his comments on Shaq’s genitalia, his rapping ability, his free throws, and his brief acting career as well. It was a hilarious roast from Kimmel (7:15 onwards).

“I once walked in on Shaq in the steam room. His d*ck was so big, I thought it was Muggsy Bogues in a fur hat. Absolutely true. Shaq’s d*ck is so big, TWA made him check it on the flight over. As bad as Shaq’s free throw shooting is, anyone who thinks it’s the worst part of the game has obviously never heard him rap. What’s with the rapping, you can barely speak! ESPN is thinking about running subtitles under his interviews… All people talk about is how bad Shaq shoots free throws. What they forget about this guy is how bad his acting is. I saw Kazaam, It was a piece of Ka-sh*t. That one I’m not kidding about. That movie was so bad they wouldn’t show it in the Magic Johnson theaters…”

Shaquille O'Neal clearly had a good time at his roast. Since then, Shaq's sense of humor has helped him be on the panel for several other roasts, including the roast of Justin Bieber. Shaq was one of the funniest participants that day, showcasing his incredible comic sense.

These days, Shaq showcases his comedic chops on Inside The NBA on TNT as an analyst. His segments, most notably Shaqtin' A Fool, are some of the most popular on the television show, as Shaq roasts players in the NBA when they make some pretty funny mistakes.