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Michael Jordan Got Kawhi Leonard To Smile At The NBA Top 75 Event: "MJ Did The Impossible"

Michael Jordan Got Kawhi Leonard To Smile At The NBA Top 75 Event: "MJ Did The Impossible"

Michael Jordan stole all the headlines over All-Star Weekend. Jordan was part of the NBA 75, the group of players dubbed the best 75 players in the history of the NBA. And the NBA decided to honor these players ahead of the 2022 NBA All-Star game in Cleveland. Many pictures of Jordan have come out since then, but one picture has garnered the attention of fans.

In the picture below, Kawhi Leonard and Michael Jordan are seen hugging and laughing together while in the hallways at the 2022 NBA All-Star game. Kawhi Leonard laughing and smiling is a very rare sight, so one can conclude that Michael Jordan did something very few have been able to do; make Kawhi Leonard smile.

Jordan was very jovial throughout the entire night. The interaction that most fans were excited about was between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. The two players have been the key figures in the long-standing GOAT debate, so it was great to see the two interact in such a friendly and warm manner. After the game, LeBron James spoke kindly about the impact Michael Jordan had on his career.

Jordan also got to reunite with his former Chicago Bulls teammate Dennis Rodman. Jordan reportedly asked Rodman to come hang out with him sometime, because he was missing his former championship teammate. Jordan was the true standout on the night, being featured in some of the best pictures on the night.

We rarely get to see Michael Jordan at events like these. So his appearance at the NBA 75 event was truly special, and fans were grateful to see him at the event. The opportunity to see Michael Jordan interact with both the past and the present of the NBA was one that we don't get regularly, so it made it all the more special.