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NBA Fans React To Michael Jordan And LeBron James Having A Heartfelt Moment At NBA 75 Ceremony: "This Is Legendary."

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Michael Jordan is widely viewed as the greatest player ever, and there's no question that even his biggest detractors will put him as a top-3 player of all time. He was a fantastic scorer during his prime, and there is no doubt that he dominated the league in the 90s, getting six championships for the Chicago Bulls.

While Michael Jordan is generally considered the GOAT, there is no question that there are other players who certain groups of fans view as the greatest. One of those players is LeBron James. James has 4 championships and is widely viewed as one of the most versatile players ever on both ends of the floor.

The NBA recently had a ceremony in the middle of the All-Star game which was meant to commemorate the NBA All-Time 75. Obviously, Michael Jordan is one of the 75 greatest players ever, as is LeBron James. The two ended up sharing a heartfelt moment on camera during the ceremony.

A lot of NBA fans commented on this viral moment, with many expressing their appreciation for both legends, though there were some troll responses. It is clear that the two legends took some time to appreciate each other. 

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There is no question that the GOAT debate will rage on in the future. Many younger fans and players view LeBron James as the GOAT, and he is without a doubt the GOAT of this generation, just like Michael Jordan was the GOAT of the 90s. Perhaps it would be best for everyone to appreciate them both.

This was certainly a touching moment to see for fans, and contrary to some people's beliefs, there is no animosity between the two. Hopefully in time, there'll be more respect for both of them and their talents, rather than the constant comparisons we see today.