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Wilt Chamberlain Once Told Michael Jordan On The GOAT Debate: "The Difference Between You And Me Is That They Had To Change The Rules So I Couldn't Dominate. They Changed The Rules So That You Could Dominate."

(via Slam)

(via Slam)

When it comes to the GOAT conversation, Michael Jordan is always the first name to come up. But before him it was Magic, before him it was Kareem, and before anyone else it was Wilt.

It's easy to forget how good Chamberlain was and even easier to discredit his accomplishments because of the era in which he played. But make no mistake: Wilt Chamberlain belongs in the GOAT conversation. As a 13x All-Star, 7x Scoring Champ, 4x MVP, and 2x NBA Champion, he's got a lot to show for his career. Over 15 seasons, he averaged 30.1 points and 22.9 rebounds per game.

At his peak, he was so dominant that the NBA literally had to change the rules to slow him down -- like the 1956 rule that prohibits players from crossing the plane of the free-throw line until the ball hits the rim or passes through the basket. Things like that were created because Wilt was so much stronger and faster than anyone else that they needed a way to slow him down.

In fact, according to Isiah Thomas, Wilt himself alluded to this fact in a chat with Jordan about being the GOAT.

It's no secret that the NBA wanted to protect MJ throughout the 90s. When he protested how rough the Pistons were, the NBA practically forced a less-physical playstyle. He was (and is) their crowned prince, and whatever he wanted usually got done within the NBA community.

Wilt wasn't exactly on that same level of popularity back then. In fact, it's fair to say that league executives didn't like the way he was dominating his opponents so easily. You can draw your own conclusions as to why.

The point is, Wilt was actively trying to be slowed down. The same cannot be said for MJ.