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Young Fan Secretly Records LeBron James And Anthony Davis At Minicamp In Las Vegas

Young Fan Secretly Records LeBron James And Anthony Davis At Minicamp In Las Vegas

Lakers GM Rob Pelinka performed his job admirably this past summer, making a slew of movies to drastically improve the roster for the upcoming campaign.

With days to go before the start of training camp, it is on LeBron James and the rest of the crew to prepare for the new season and ensure all the offseason moves don't go to waste.

Already, it seems the team is off to a great start.

Apparently, LeBron James put together a minicamp for his team in Vegas, with the goal of getting a head start on things.

Of course, we weren't supposed to have footage on the top-secret practice, but it seems one eager young student decided to take it upon himself to sneak in and grab some video. Below is what he captured;

It seems like a pretty low-key event, with the players just kind of shooting around and doing their own thing.

Whatever your thoughts about the video, or the means by which it was recorded, one thing is clear: LeBron and the crew are serious about building the team chemistry and maximizing the talent they have.

“Sources tell me LeBron James is organizing a 3-day Lakers team minicamp in Las Vegas starting on Friday ahead of next week’s training camp," said The Athletic's Shams Charania. "James hosted a similar team function in 2019, the season that the Lakers won the 2020 NBA championship. The Lakers had acquired Anthony Davis in 2019, and were integrating him to the roster. This offseason, in similar fashion, the Lakers acquired Russell Westbrook and will now use this weekend as a catapult ahead of the upcoming NBA season.”

Talent and experience alone are not enough to win a title, and the Lakers understand this. To truly set themselves up for success, they need to learn how to play together and how best to utilize their wide-ranging mix of playstyles.

It's a good sign that so many of the guys are committed to getting off on the right track.