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Zion Williamson's Chef Thinks Pelicans Star Will Become Face Of The NBA After LeBron James Retires: "I Believe It. I See It."

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Zion Williamson is one of the brightest young power forwards in the league. He has already shown us that he has the ability to put up superstar numbers, and Zion Williamson is an absolute force near the rim.

There is no doubt that Zion Williamson has the potential to be one of the best superstars in the NBA, and at this point, his potential is limitless. Recently, Zion Williamson's personal chef has made a bold prediction, stating his belief that Zion Williamson will end up being the face of the NBA once LeBron James retires. Christian Clark of relayed the news.

I believe Zion is going to be the face of the NBA once LeBron James retires. I believe it. I see it. Just getting him in great health. He’s in great health now. But once the season starts, he’s going to be in even better health.

Hopefully, we see Zion Williamson fulfill his potential and help the New Orleans Pelicans win a championship in the future. Some, such as NBA analyst Ric Bucher have already claimed that Zion Williamson hasn't lived up to the hype because he hasn't shown that he's the next "LeBron James" thus far.

“What was Zion supposed to be from the very beginning? What was he advertised as? ‘THE NEXT LEBRON JAMES.’ That’s what I heard time after time, ‘he’s the next LeBron James!’, and I thought he’s NOT the next LeBron James. He doesn’t have the same game. Can he be dynamic? Can he be exciting? Can he sell tickets? Yes. Is he going to be the next LeBron James? NO, he doesn’t have that ‘bag’. The only reason we started this conversation today because he’s the youngest to ever make the All-Star Game. There is an argument to be made that he shouldn’t have even been an All-Star this year. When Magic was an All-Star for the first time he was on a Lakers team that won 60 games and won a championship. Kobe was on a team that won 62 games and went to the Western Conference Finals. LeBron was on a team that didn’t go to the playoffs and finished 42-40, but they were 30-21 at the All-Star break. The wins and losses DO matter. The impact on the game and the team as a whole DOES matter. While I love watching Zion play – and I think he is a freak in his own right, and I don’t think we have ever seen anything quite like him – has he lived up to the hype? HELL NO he hasn’t lived up the hype because he hasn’t come anywhere close to leading a team to success to those earlier guys he’s being compared to.”

Of course, most incoming players shouldn't be compared to LeBron James. He is a one-of-one talent, and his success in the league with multiple franchises speaks for itself.

However, the one thing that most people will agree on about Zion Williamson is that he can end up being a special player. Hopefully, that ends up happening, and if he does become that top-tier superstar, the New Orleans Pelicans could be contenders for years to come.