How The Lakers And Kings Can Swap Kyle Kuzma And Buddy Hield

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Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

As the February trade deadline nears, the number of rumors regarding potential deals is only increasing. With a number of teams and players engaging in the market, it's no surprise that two of the hottest names have drawn a connection in the past few days: Kyle Kuzma and Buddy Hield.

In a series of tweets, Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus lays out the framework of a deal involving the two young stars.

Basically, Pincus is explaining the nature of "poison" pill contracts and is speaking hypothetically more than anything. Nonetheless, a trade between the sides is possible, even if it requires some financial limbo.

This is where the importance of three-team trade deals comes int play.

Again, Pincus is only speaking hypothetically here. But for the Kings and their contract/situation with Buddy, these are the types of things they will have to think about in the event of a trade.

Working out the financial kinks of a deal isn't always as easy as it seems -- but with two teams motivated enough, they can make it work. So while we shouldn't exactly expect a Kuz/Hield swap, we can't rule one out, either.

We don't know what to expect come deadline day.