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NBA Rumors: Charlotte Hornets Could Land Andre Drummond For Three Players And Two Draft Picks

NBA Rumors: Charlotte Hornets Could Land Andre Drummond For Three Players And Two Draft Picks

The Charlotte Hornets have become one of the most exciting franchises in the NBA. They have one of the most hyped-up prospects in recent memory in LaMelo Ball. They have also signed Gordon Hayward to a max contract during the offseason, a move that looks to be paying off well, as Hayward is playing like an All-Star. They have good supporting players in PJ Washington and Miles Bridges, but what they really need is an elite center who can be a huge presence on both ends.

Andre Drummond would be the perfect player for the Charlotte Hornets to try and trade for. Andre Drummond is a 2-time All-Star who could help the Hornets make a push for the playoffs. Drummond could be an elite addition to the Hornets' roster. Here is the potential trade package:

Charlotte Hornets Receive: Andre Drummond

Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: Cody Zeller, Bismack Biyombo, Malik Monk, 2022 first-round pick (1-15 protected), 2021 second-round draft pick via Brooklyn Nets

The Cleveland Cavaliers Go Young

Andre Drummond is a player on an expiring contract. Drummond could leave in free agency, and it could be best for the Cavaliers to trade Drummond for some assets in return. The Cavaliers could then commit to Jarrett Allen as their starting center of the future. Trading Andre Drummond would allow Jarrett Allen to get a starting role, and hopefully, more minutes could let Allen succeed. He certainly deserves to be a starter. Jarrett Allen, Collin Sexton, and Darius Garland are a good core for the future, and trading Drummond could bring back some assets that could be important down the line.

Bismack Biyombo and Cody Zeller are in the trade mostly for salary matching purposes, but they are both capable role players who can play off the bench. The 2022 first-round pick from the Charlotte Hornets is top-15 protected, but if the Hornets are good, then it should convey. With Gordon Hayward locked in for a few years, and their roster being overall younger and promising, it is likely that the Hornets should be good in the near future and be outside of the lottery. The 2021 second-round draft pick isn't going to be high value but would be added to up the total assets in the Hornets trade package.

Malik Monk is an interesting player that could be intriguing as a spark plug bench scorer. Malik Monk has shown some flashes of scoring ability in the past, but his minutes have recently been cut, with the Hornets having a variety of talented guards. Going to a destination like the Cleveland Cavaliers could help Monk try to establish himself in the league.

The Hornets trade package overall seems like fair value for Andre Drummond, who is on an expiring contract. The Hornets would send out a variety of assets to help the Cavaliers establish some flexibility for the future.

The Charlotte Hornets Make A Postseason Push

As far as centers go, Andre Drummond is vastly underrated. Part of it is due to the fact that Drummond has been on mediocre teams for most of his career. Andre Drummond is the best rebounder in the league and provides a solid defensive presence at the rim. There are games where Drummond looks flat out dominant against the opposition, and he could be an excellent addition for the Hornets for them to make a playoffs push. Andre Drummond would offer someone who can always create extra opportunities for teammates due to his offensive rebounding. The Hornets wouldn't be taking a significant risk on Drummond, and the rewards far outweigh the assets they would send out.

Andre Drummond could also be the beneficiary of LaMelo Ball's elite passing. LaMelo Ball creates a lot of opportunities for his teammates at the rim, and a center like Drummond couple be there to finish them. While Bismack Biyombo and Cody Zeller are solid players, they aren't elite finishers like Drummond. Drummond provides a lob threat with size and athleticism, which is a dream for most elite passers. The Charlotte Hornets would be a perfect destination for Drummond to try and compete in the playoffs.

The risk with Andre Drummond would be that he could leave in free agency. It is the last year of his contract, and he will likely want big money and a long term deal during his prime. But if the Hornets get to the playoffs and offer him the money he wants though, there would be no reason for Andre Drummond to leave. The Charlotte Hornets are a perfect destination for Andre Drummond, and if he got traded there, Drummond would be able to play with one of the most exciting rosters in the NBA.


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