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NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Want To Trade For Dillon Brooks Or Kyle Anderson

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team that is currently in the rebuilding stage, and it looks as though they are on the hunt for some solid wing talent that could be part of their core for the future.

NBA Insider Evan Dammarell has recently revealed that the Cavaliers could target one of two Memphis Grizzlies wings, Dillon Brooks or Kyle Anderson. It seems as though the Cavaliers want a solid wing defender, and presented a scenario where Larry Nance Jr. could be the player that gets them that wing. Dammarell also adds the possibility of getting Steven Adams back in the trade as well.

That means Cleveland could swoop in with an offer to help out Memphis and their rotational issues. According to sources, the Cavaliers are already interested in trying to acquire either Dillon Brooks or Kyle Anderson from Memphis to address their issues on the perimeter. Would a trade involving Nance be enough to entice the Grizzlies? Per sources, if Cleveland were to include next year’s first with light protections as well it just might be. If the Cavaliers wanted to go all-in with their assets with the Grizzlies, if they included the Houston pick as well there could be a way to pry both Steven Adams, Evan Mobley’s mentor, as well. According to sources, things remain fluid in trade discussions but the situation between Cleveland and Memphis is one worth monitoring going forward.

Kyle Anderson and Dillon Brooks are both solid defensively, and there's no doubt that they would help the Cavaliers. Dillon Brooks in particular looks like a promising two-way wing, and he averaged 17.2 PPG this season while playing some solid perimeter defense. While obviously nothing is set in stone, Dammarell does say that this situation is "worth monitoring" going forward. It has been mentioned in other reports that Dillon Brooks and Kyle Anderson could be available, and perhaps we'll see one of them end up on the Cavaliers.