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NBA Rumors: Lakers And Clippers "Would Love To Get Involved" In Bradley Beal Trade

(via LA Sports Hub)

(via LA Sports Hub)

As calls for the Wizards to trade Bradley Beal grow louder, many teams around the association are expected to sniff the idea of potentially making a deal for him.

In one of the more recent updates, one NBA insider revealed the Lakers and Clippers as among the interested parties...

Beal still has two seasons remaining on his current contract (this season and next), so he has a lot of power in deciding his next location. So far, the star guard hasn't revealed where he wants to go or even if he wants to leave the Wizards -- but his body language these past few days has really shed some light on how he's feeling with the Wizards right now.

The Clippers are a franchise looking for validation and legitimacy, and Beal seems like a perfect fit. With Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, he could thrive.

The Lakers, meanwhile, are still locked-in on their goal to repeat as Champions, and Beal's arrival would give both parties their best chance to win this season.

Regardless of where he goes, Beal has the chance to influence the NBA's power-structure, and Beal himself has his best chance to finally start winning some games on a consistent basis.

This could be a huge moment, for both him and the NBA.