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NBA Rumors: New Orleans Pelicans Interested In Acquiring Lauri Markkanen

lauri markkanen

Despite the fact that the New Orleans Pelicans lost Lonzo Ball to the Bulls, it is clear that David Griffin is still trying to build a competitive team around stars Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram. They added solid players in Devonte' Graham and Jonas Valanciunas via trade, and it looks as though there could be more moves to come.

NBA Insider Marc Stein has recently revealed that the New Orleans Pelicans are interested in acquiring restricted free agent Lauri Markkanen, who has had an inconsistent tenure in Chicago.

Lauri Markkanen could potentially be a great fit on the New Orleans Pelicans. Zion Williamson is at his best when slashing to the basket with a spaced-out floor. Lauri Markkanen averaged 13.6 PPG last season while shooting 40.2% from beyond the arc. There is no doubt that Markkanen's shooting ability as a big man could be useful next to the Pelicans superstar. Last season, the Pelicans had non-shooters such as Steven Adams and Eric Bledsoe playing significant minutes on the roster: this offseason, it looks as though they're going for the opposite type of player.

Of course, it seems as though a deal is not yet close to being done. While Lauri Markkanen may want out of Chicago, it seems as though the Bulls want a first-round pick to ensure that the deal happens. While the Bulls asking for an asset to facilitate a sign and trade is normal, it remains to be seen if the New Orleans Pelicans are willing to give up a first-round pick to get Lauri Markkanen.

Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram are a very solid star duo. While they missed the playoffs this season, it seems as though the Pelicans have gotten them some reinforcements, and more could be on the way. Hopefully, we see the young duo in the playoffs in the near future, and with a few extra moves, the New Orleans Pelicans could be a scary team.