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‘The Lakers’ Biggest Stars’ Are Pushing The Team For A Blockbuster Trade To Land Kyrie Irving

‘The Lakers’ Biggest Stars’ Are Pushing The Team For A Blockbuster Trade To Land Kyrie Irving

With each passing day of the offseason, it is becoming evident that the Los Angeles Lakers might have to enter the 2022-23 NBA season with their current Big 3 of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook.

Despite the Lakers' best efforts, they are yet to find a suitable trade destination for Westbrook. Russ, who had an underwhelming 2021-22 NBA season, has become the scapegoat for all the troubles of the franchise.

As per a recent report by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, the Big 3 of the Lakers apparently made a vow to each other to make things work. But several rumors still suggest that the Lakers' 'biggest stars' are still pushing the team for a blockbuster trade to land Kyrie Irving.

Obviously, it would mean Westbrook being traded from the team. So there is a lot of confusion around what the future holds for the iconic NBA franchise.

Via Los Angeles Times:

The relationship between the Lakers and Westbrook has looked severely strained this offseason. He attended the Lakers’ NBA Summer League opener in Las Vegas, but he and LeBron James, who was also there, didn’t speak and watched from opposite sides of the court — a stark contrast to their time together last summer.

The awkwardness was noted throughout NBA circles, with strong beliefs that the Lakers’ biggest stars have been pushing for the team to trade for Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving

Optimism exists among some players that a deal for Irving can be struck.

While Westbrook has never formally requested a trade, a new situation could benefit the nine-time All-Star after a disastrous turn with the Lakers.

Although the report didn't mention the names of LeBron James and Anthony Davis as the ones pushing for the trade, it is quite obvious to everyone reading the report.

But can the Lakers really acquire Kyrie Irving? Another insider revealed that Irving has apparently accepted the fact that he will play for the Brooklyn Nets next season. Whatever be the case, the cloud of confusion over the Lakers should soon be cleared.