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2019 NBA Draft: Top 10 Best Prospects Right Now

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Fadeaway World

This year’s NCAA is just underway and even though most NBA fans don’t bother following such a long and complicated league, some diehard Draft enthusiast are as excited as can be for today’s matchups.

The NCAA gives us the opportunity to take a look at some of the future stars of the game, and even though is not as prolific or competitive as NBA basketball, it can give us a huge insight on how those guys may fare in the league.

Most casual fans don’t know who the top prospects are until way late in the season, so, in order to help you guys out, we’re going to let you know about the top 10 prospects for this upcoming NBA Draft, so you already know who to watch this season.

10. Jaylen Hoard SF/PF

Jaylen Hoard is quite an athletic and versatile wing that will make his debut at Wake Forest. He’s strong, smart and rarely makes mistakes. He’s great in transition and is very explosive when it comes to attacking the rim.

On the downside, he tends to disappear through some passages and could be way more aggressive from time to time. He doesn’t take many risks, and his three-point stroke is a work in progress.

9. Daniel Gafford PF/C

The big man out of Arkansas has seen his Draft stock rise quickly following a bit of a disappointing season, deciding to return to college rather than declare for this year’s Draft and go undrafted.

Still, he looks way more in control of his body now and is a very efficient scorer. He should be a much better rebounder considering his size and physique, but he should only get better as time goes by.

8. Kris Wilkes SF

Kris Wilkes is UCLA’s newest go-to-guy following a very good rookie season with the Bruins, where he averaged 13.7 points, 4.9 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game on 44% from the floor and 35% shooting.

He was a 5-star recruit and even declared for the 2018 NBA Draft without an agent, but eventually withdrew from after attending the combine. He needs to work on his shot, but has a huge upside in the offensive end.

7. Charles Bassey C

Charles Bassey is set to dominate down low for Western Kentucky thanks to his mobility, size and a sweet stroke from mid-range. He’s a very physical player, a good rebounder and a solid roll man, as well as one of the most intense and aggressive players of his class.

Nonetheless, he still needs to put up a lot of work on his post game and doesn’t have much of a face-up the offensive game either. He’s a vocal leader and a solid finisher but needs to add more range to his game if he wants to make it in today’s NBA.

6. Nassir Little SF

Nassir Little is set to be North Carolina’s next NBA prospect, a 6’6’’ small forward with a 7’1’’ wingspan. He’s a solid wing stopper and a very strong guy for his age and thrives off drawing contact while attacking the lane.

On the downside, he’s not much of a good shooter and lacks body control at times. He’s not a good ball handler and will struggle to establish himself as a scorer early on. Still, he’s got great two-way potential.

5. Romeo Langford SG

Romeo Langford can play the two or the three, is a very versatile player that won’t impress on any aspect of the game but that can really do a little bit of everything and contribute in both sides of the hardwood.

He’s a natural scorer but thrives too much out of isolation. He can create a lot of space between him and defenders and is a crafty ball handler. On the other hand, he’s not very consistent from the line, and his shot selection needs to improve.

4. Cameron Reddish SG/SF

Cameron Reddish is Duke’s last top 3 prospect on this class, a versatile guard/forward that has the upside to become this year’s best two-way player. Also, he can still grow enough to play as a small ball power forward.

Reddish has a sweet scoring touch from all three levels and is an outstanding athlete and underrated playmaker. Still, he’s a bit of a streaky shooter and has lacked the character to step up when it matters the most at times.

3. Sekou Doumbouya SF/PF

Sekou Doumboya is this year’s lone international prospect in the top 10, at least for the time being, a 6’9’’ forward that’s currently playing at Limoges CSP, France’s second division. He has incredibly long arms, and is already a volume scorer in Europe despite his age.

Doumboya is a physical, athletic and aggressive scorer that won’t hesitate to take any shot at the slightest change he has. Still, his footwork and passing are quite raw and it will take some time for him before he can make an impact in the league.

2. RJ Barrett SF/SF

RJ Barrett is considered by some as the best prospect in this class, a lefty shooting guard that has the potential to be one of the league’s most prolific volume scorers. He’s got an elite first step, is a gifted athlete and is great at finishing with both hands.

Barrett can score in bunches, change directions and put defenders on skates, but he lacks explosiveness at the time and can be kind of predictable. Also, despite being an elite scorer, he’s got a very low release point, so his shot tends to be kind of flat from time to time.

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