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Best Players In NBA History By Jersey Numbers

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Ask anybody who has played basketball before, and one of the exciting parts of playing the game is having your jersey number and name plastered on your back. We have seen so many great players in NBA history, each coming with a number attached to their name.

While some of them are very obvious (#23 the most famous), there are some other players who are the greatest players to don a specific number that we may have not known before.

Here are all the best players in NBA history, ranked by their jersey number.

00 Robert Parish (C)

Runner-Up: Aaron Gordon (PF)

0 Russell Westbrook (PG)

Runner-Up: Gilbert Arenas (PG)

01 Oscar Robertson (PG)

Runner-Up: Tracy McGrady (SG)

02 Moses Malone (C)

Runner-Up: Kawhi Leonard (SF)

03 Dwyane Wade (SG)

Runner-Up: Allen Iverson (SG)

04 Dolph Schayes (PF)

Runner-Up: Adrian Dantley (SF)

05 Kevin Garnett (PF)

Runner-Up: Jason Kidd (PG)

06 Bill Russell (C)

Runner-Up: LeBron James (SF)

07 Nate Archibald (PG)

Runner-Up: Carmelo Anthony (SF)

08 Kobe Bryant (SG)

Runner-Up: Latrell Sprewell (SF)

09 Bob Pettit (PF)

Runner-Up: Tony Parker (PG)

10 Walt Frazier (PG)

Runner-Up: Tim Hardaway Sr. (PG)

11 Isiah Thomas (PG)

Runner-Up: Elvin Hayes (PF)

12 John Stockton (PG)

Runner-Up: Dwight Howard (C)

13 Wilt Chamberlain (C)

Runner-Up: Steve Nash (PG)

14 Bob Cousy (PG)

Runner-Up: Hedo Turkoglu (SF)

15 Vince Carter (SG)

Runner-Up: Hal Greer (PG)

16 Bob Lanier (C)

Runner-Up: Pau Gasol (C)

17 John Havlicek (SF)

Runner-Up: Chris Mullin (SF)

18 Dave Cowens (C)

Runner-Up: Bailey Howell (PF)

19 Willis Reed (PF)

Runner-Up: Don Nelson (PF)

20 Gary Payton (PG)

Runner-Up: Manu Ginobili (SG)

21 Tim Duncan (PF)

Runner-Up: Dominique Wilkins (SF)

22 Elgin Baylor (SF)

Runner-Up: Clyde Drexler (SG)

23 Michael Jordan (SG)

Runner-Up: Lebron James (SF)

24 Kobe Bryant (SG)

Runner-Up: Rick Barry (PG)

25 Mark Price (PG)

Runner-Up: Gail Goodrich (SG)

26 Kyle Korver (SG)

Runner-up: Shannon Brown (SG)

27 Jack Twyman (SF)

Runner-Up: Joe Caldwell (SF)

28 Arron Afflalo (SG)

Runner-Up: Leandro Barbosa (PG)

29 Paul Silas (SF)

Runner-Up: Pervis Ellison (C)

30 Stephen Curry (PG)

Runner-Up: Bernard King (SF)

31 Reggie Miller (SG)

Runner-Up: Shawn Marion (SF)

32 Magic Johnson (PG)

Runner-Up: Karl Malone (PF)

33 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (C)

Runner-Up: Larry Bird (SF)

34 Shaquille O’Neal (C)

Runner-Up: Hakeem Olajuwon (C)

35 Kevin Durant (SF)

Runner-Up: Rudy LaRusso (PF)

36 Rasheed Wallace (PF)

Runner-Up: Marcus Smart (SG)

37 Nick Van Exel (SG)

Runner-Up: Metta World Peace (SF)

38 Viktor Khryapa (PF)

Runner-Up: Mikki Moore (PF)

39 Jerami Grant (SF)

Runner-Up: Greg Ostertag (C)

40 Shawn Kemp (PF)

Runner-Up: Bill Laimbeer (C)

41 Dirk Nowitzki (PF)

Runner-Up: Wes Unseld (PF)

42 James Worthy (SF)

Runner-Up: Elton Brand (PF)

43 Jack Sikma (C)

Runner-Up: Brad Daugherty (C)

44 Jerry West (SG)

Runner-Up: George Gervin (SF)

45 Rudy Tomjanovic (PF)

Runner-Up: A.C. Green (PF)

46 Bo Outlaw (PF)

Runner-Up: Dennis Bell

47 Andrei Kirilenko (SF)

Runner-Up: Scott Williams (C)

48 Nazr Mohammed (C)

Runner-Up: Walt Gilmore

49 Shandon Anderson (SG)

Runner-Up: Mel McCants (SF)

50 David Robinson (C)

Runner-Up: Zach Randolph (PF)

51 Reggie King (PF)

Runner-Up: Lawrence Funderburke (PF)

52 Jamaal Wikes (SF)

Runner-Up: Buck Williams (C)

53 Artis Gilmore (C)

Runner-Up: Daryl Dawkins (C)

54 Horace Grant (PF)

Runner-Up: Patrick Patterson (PF)

55 Dikembe Mutombo (C)

Runner-Up: Kiki VanDeWeghe (SF)

56 Francisco Elson (C)

Runner-Up: Sean Williams (PF)

57 Hilton Armstrong (C)

Runner-Up: N/A

60 Jonathan Gibson (PG)

Runner-Up: N/A

61 Bevo Nordmann (C)

Runner-Up: Dave Piontek (PF)

62 Scot Pollard (C)

Runner-Up: Bob Dille (PF)

65 George Ratkovicz (PF)

Runner-Up: N/A

66 Andrew Bogut (C)

Runner-Up: Scot Pollard

67 Taj Gibson (PF)

Runner-Up: N/A

70 Frank Selvy (SF)

Runner-Up: Chuck Share (C)

71 Willie Naulls (PF)

Runner-Up: Bob Wisenhahn (SF)

72 Jason Kapono (SF)

Runner-Up: N/A

73 Dennis Rodman (PF)

Runner-Up: N/A

76 Shawn Bradley (C)

Runner-Up: N/A

77 Gheorghe Mureșan (C)

Runner-Up: Vladimir Radmanovic (PF)

81 Jose Calderon (PG)

Runner-Up: N/A

83 Craig Smith (PF)

Runner-Up: N/A

84 Chris Webber (PF)

Runner-Up: Nate Robinson (PG)

85 Baron Davis (PG)

Runner-Up: N/A

86 Semih Erden (C)

Runner-Up: Chris Johnson (SG)

88 Nicolas Batum (SG)

Runner-Up: Antoine Walker (SF)

89 Clyde Lovellette (C)

Runner-Up: Lou Amundson (PF)

90 Drew Godden (PF)

Runner-Up: N/A

91 Dennis Rodman (PF)

Runner-Up: Metta World Peace (SF)

92 DeShawn Stevenson (SG)

Runner-Up: Lucas Nogueira (C)

93 Ron Artest (SF)

Runner-Up: P.J. Brown (C)

94 Evan Fournier (SG)

Runner-Up: N/A

95 DeAndre' Bembry (SF)

Runner-Up: N/A

96 Metta World Peace (SF)

Runner-Up: Don Ray (C)

98 Jason Collins (C)

Runner-Up: Hamed Haddadi (C)

99 George Mikan (C)

Runner-Up: Jae Crowder (SF)