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Meet The Japanese Robot That Will Never Miss A Single Shot


Make sure not to tell the Golden State Warriors about this guy!

The robot named CUE is developed by the company Toyota. In a video posted by Yahoo Sports, the robot shot a perfect 10 out of 10 from the elbow. CUE uses AI to perform his godlike stand-shot and with over 200,000 practice shots, the robot shoots with pretty much 100% accuracy.

At 6 feet 3 inches, Cue is shorter than the average NBA player. However, CUE has a shooting percentage that would destroy all previous NBA records and leave them in the dust. Obviously, it would be impossible to use him in a game but imagine a shooting contest? Dress him up and disguise him as your cousin and you rule the park!

Although CUE looks like a masterpiece, in reality, it wouldn't be that hard to build. Distance from the hoop, basketball weight, and gravity. The fact that he shoots like an NBA player is impressive and would be very hard to adjust.

CUE is a great project made by Toyota. A simple yet amazing design with a jumpshot more smooth than some NBA players. With more and more intelligent AI being built in this modern era, it's exciting to see what could be constructed in the future.