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Team LeBron vs. Team Durant: Which Superteam Would Win A 7-Game Series?

Team LeBron vs. Team Durant: Which Superteam Would Win A 7-Game Series?

After the days of Larry Bird, the two greatest small forwards ever have been LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Winning a combined 6 NBA titles, 6 Finals MVPs, and 5 MVPs; James and Durant are two of the most talented athletes of their era. The King has been the face of the NBA without a doubt, but perhaps his greatest rival has been Kevin Durant.

LeBron defeated Durant in the 2012 NBA Finals, giving The King his first championship. It wasn’t until Durant joined forces with Golden State that he took his revenge on James, defeating the Cavaliers star for two straight years. Other than their Finals appearances against each other, James and Durant have always competed at a high level against each other. This year at the All-Star Game, Team LeBron and Team Durant will go to battle against each other.

But which superstar would win if their greatest lineups are pitted against each other? Just like the upcoming All-Star Game, James and Durant will go to battle with their teammates in a legendary competition. Note that future Hall of Fame point guard Russell Westbrook will be on LeBron’s team because he is a current teammate of James on the Lakers, and he also has had a checkered past with Durant once the forward left for Golden State. The shade between them is well documented.

Similarly, Kyrie Irving will play for Team Durant because Kyrie and Durant are teammates this season and there was also beef between Kyrie and LeBron in the past. In a nutshell, Kyrie did not want to play with The King anymore. With so much talent on the floor and even some bad blood between both teams, here is how a best-of-7 series between both superstars turns out.

Russell Westbrook vs. Stephen Curry

Russell Westbrook vs. Stephen Curry

At the point guard spot, Russell Westbrook brings a ton of athleticism and all-around capabilities to the table for Team LeBron. Russ is a fantastic rebounder and playmaker and will be the primary option for both aspects of his team. He will also be required to attack Steph to put pressure on the 2-time MVP whenever possible.

Meanwhile, Curry brings his elite shooting ability to a team stacked with shooters already. Steph will move off the ball, try to get open, and be a threat consistently throughout the series. Alongside a host of dominant stars, Steph will have a great series.

Dwyane Wade vs. Kyrie Irving

Dwyane Wade vs. Kyrie Irving

Dwyane Wade might be LeBron’s greatest teammate ever because his game was perfectly suited to the King. Not to mention, Wade is the one who helped James reach the next level as a superstar player that became a champion. Due to his elite defense and ability on the fast break, Wade will be key for Team LeBron.

Steph Curry’s first Splash Brother will be Kyrie Irving, an elite ball-handler that has the ability to make shots from anywhere on the court. Irving will be tasked with spotting up for shots a lot by playing alongside James Harden, but he will also take Wade one on one as well.

LeBron James vs. James Harden

LeBron James vs. James Harden

This will be an intriguing matchup, to say the least. LeBron James will be the most physically dominant player on the court and also the smartest playmaker, meaning he is the most important player on the team. The King will lead his team in APG over the series.

Harden will have his numbers, even against James, but his impact will be undermined in this matchup. It will be hard for Harden to handle LeBron on defense and will struggle throughout the series. The Beard will still be able to put pressure on James when he has the ball in his hands, as a positive.

Chris Bosh vs. Kevin Durant

Chris Bosh vs. Kevin Durant

This matchup is interesting because Bosh can score inside and outside while also playing above-average defense. Alongside LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, Bosh will get a ton of good looks on the floor and will generally have a good series.

But there is no way Bosh will outscore Kevin Durant, possibly the most unstoppable scorer in the series. Durant will average 32 PPG in the series and will be the most important player for his team. As the leader of the team, KD will have a great series for his side.

Anthony Davis vs. Draymond Green

Anthony Davis vs. Draymond Green

Anthony Davis is clearly the more talented scorer in this matchup and will bring a mix of height and skill to the equation. Alongside James, Davis will be a massive problem for Team Durant from a defensive point of view. Davis will also lead his team in RPG, putting up nearly 12 a game.

Draymond Green is undersized, but he is no slouch on defense. The versatile defender will have many roles for his team, competing against guards and also bigs depending on which player has the hot hand. Green will play his heart out in the series, but will it be enough?

Team LeBron Advantages

Team LeBron’s players fit together exceptionally well because they have the talent to play defense and also create a ton of opportunities for good shots on offense. James has the benefit of having Russell Westbrook on his side because he will handle the ball on occasions to relieve him.

James also has the best big man in the series in Anthony Davis, a dominant two-way star that will dominate the boards. James’ size will be a problem for Team Durant, but the presence of Davis will be overkill at times.

Team Durant Advantages

Team Durant has the advantage of shooting because they have 5 guys who can spread the floor at once. They have the opportunity to be clever with Draymond handling the ball, and all the other 4 guys getting open.

They also have 4 stars that can go one-on-one, creating offense for each other and finding ways to score the ball with ease at any time. Even if Team Durant cannot defend like their opponents, they can certainly shoot the lights out.

Who Wins A Best-Of-7 Series?

Game 1 is a landslide victory for Team LeBron because Durant’s side cannot find a rhythm going on either end of the floor. The four shooters struggle from the floor, and can’t find a method to stop LeBron’s team from going off in the second half. With a score of 101-82, Team Durant need a response.

They do in Game 2, as all five players score in double figures. They employ a zone defense, daring Westbrook and James to shoot the three. Both players combine for 2-12 shooting from three, giving Durant’s side opportunities to score on the fast break. The game ends 99-90 in favor of Team Durant.

Game 3 is more of the same because Team LeBron cannot find a way to overcome the zone defense. They shoot a putrid 33% from three, while Stephen Curry goes off for 39 points on 17 shots on the other end. With a convincing 2-1 lead, Team Durant have a chance to basically seal the series in Game 4.

But Team LeBron get hot from the perimeter and also find a way to get Anthony Davis going. The big man drops 40 points in a spectacular showing, completely dominating the paint and heading to the free-throw line for 10-11 shooting. With the series tied, things get very interesting.

Game 5 goes to Team LeBron again, as the bigs combine for 55 points on 52% shooting. Even with the zone employed; LeBron, Westbrook, and Wade drain a combined 7 threes in a very efficient showing. When no one thought their threes would fall, perimeter shooting proves to be the difference. Despite a 32 point triple-double by Harden, Team Durant lose by 6.

Game 6 goes to a double-overtime thriller. Both teams get hot in the first half, and the score is tied 73-73 after the second quarter. Jumping to the 4th quarter, Stephen Curry hits a game-tying three at the buzzer to send the game to overtime. In OT, Chris Bosh nails clutch free throws to our Team LeBron ahead with one possession left. Once again, Team Durant responds courtesy of a Kevin Durant jumper with 3 seconds left.

Kyrie tries to win the game, but the ball rolls out en route to 2OT. Team LeBron have an efficient showing in 2OT, missing only one shot and controlling the pace. With both sides tired, LeBron scores 4 points and dishes 2 assists to finish the game on a triple-double. Team Durant can’t get enough stops and lose the series thanks to a 122-115 victory in 2OT.

Final Result: Team LeBron vs. Team Durant 4-2

Finals MVP: LeBron James 


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