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The Best 3-Point Shooter On Every NBA Team: Stephen Curry Is The Best Shooter In The World

The Best 3-Point Shooter On Every NBA Team: Stephen Curry Is The Best Shooter In The World

Shooting is arguably the most important of today’s NBA game. That is why teams are paying a heavy premium for the best shooters in the NBA, especially since the 3-point shot has been the most valued offensive play over the past few years. We have seen the likes of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant shoot their way to NBA titles and teams are trying to repeat that.

Here is the best shooter on every NBA team, based on the number of threes made per game and the percentage from beyond.

Atlanta Hawks

Best Shooter: Trae Young - 2.1 3PM, 34.4% 3-PT FG

No surprise Trae Young kicks off the list of the best shooters in the NBA. He has the ability to drain shots from way downtown and often in the face of helpless defenders. Trae Young is lethal from deep and he is the best shooter on a team that has the likes of Bogdan Bogdanovic and Danilo Gallinari hoisting shots too.

Boston Celtics

Best Shooter: Jayson Tatum - 3.5 3PM, 43.8% 3-PT FG

The Boston Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum is an amazing offensive player but his three-point shooting has been terrific this season. Shooting lights out, Tatum is making an early case for being on an All-NBA Team this season.

Brooklyn Nets

Best Shooter: Joe Harris - 3.0 3PM, 48.1% 3-PT FG

There is one reason the Brooklyn Nets signed Joe Harris to a $75 million contract: shooting. Harris is making that up by nailing 48.1% of his threes and making 3.0 3's a game while playing alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Charlotte Hornets

Best Shooter: Terry Rozier - 3.2 3PM, 42.9% 3-PT FG

Nobody ever thought of Terry Rozier as a knockdown shooter, but he's improved dramatically from deep. The former Celtic is the best shooter on Charlotte and that is a great sign for the team.

Chicago Bulls

Best Shooter: Zach LaVine - 3.4 3PM, 39.2% 3-PT FG

Zach LaVine is everything to the Chicago Bulls and he has arrived as one of the best scorers in the NBA. LaVine is mainly doing it with his shooting, shooting nearly 40% from deep.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Best Shooter: Collin Sexton - 2.2 3PM, 46.8% 3PT FG

Collin Sexton always had a bright future, but his three-point shooting has been the brightest part of his game. Sexton lit it up against the Brooklyn Nets for 2 straight games, and he should probably take more outside shots going forward.

Dallas Mavericks

Best Shooter: Tim Hardaway Jr. - 3.4 3PM, 40.2% 3-PT FG

The Dallas Mavericks have a great shooter in Hardaway Jr. The son of former NBA legend Tim Hardaway doesn't have his dad's dribbling skills, but he's a terrific knockdown shooter and the best marksman in Dallas.

Denver Nuggets

Best Shooter: JaMychal Green - 2.1 3PM, 48.9% 3-PT FG

The Denver Nuggets have Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic draining threes, but the best shooter has actually been JaMychal Green. The power forward brings a lot to the team and his outside shooting will be key in helping Denver make the Western Conference Finals again.

Detroit Pistons

Best Shooter: Wayne Ellington - 3.0 3PM, 48.4% 3-PT FG

The Pistons have a great shooter in Jerami Grant, but Ellington is a natural shooter from deep and has been for a long time. Ellington is nailing almost 50% of his threes and he is a key piece in Detroit's offense.

Golden State Warriors

Best Shooter: Stephen Curry - 4.1 3PM, 37.1% 3-PT FG

Is there anyone else who would appear here? Stephen Curry is still the best shooter in the NBA and the greatest shooter of all-time, which is why he has kept the Golden State Warriors afloat without Klay Thompson this season.

Houston Rockets

Best Shooter: Ben McLemore - 2.4 3PM, 46.3% 3-PT FG

The Rockets are a 3-point team but no player is draining threes at an efficient rate besides Ben McLemore. McLemore has found a home in Houston and he should probably keep letting it fly because he is shooting a nice percentage.

Indiana Pacers

Best Shooter: Malcolm Brogdon - 2.9 3PM, 42.3% 3-PT FG

The Indiana Pacers made big changes by trading Victor Oladipo for Caris LeVert, and the former Net will form a nice duo with sharpshooter Malcolm Brogdon who is nailing over 40% of his threes.

Los Angeles Clippers

Best Shooter: Paul George - 3.9 3PM, 50.0% 3-PT FG

The Clippers are a great team, and Paul George is a great player. George is one of the best shooters in the NBA right now and 50% of his shots are swishing through the net from deep. George has an MVP case this year and his shooting is the main reason why.

Los Angeles Lakers

Best Shooter: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - 2.4 3PM, 56.9% 3PT-FG

The Lakers have some good shooters on the team, but Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is on another level this season. Caldwell-Pope is one of the hottest shooters in the league right now and his 56.9% shooting percentage is plain ridiculous.

Memphis Grizzlies

Best Shooter: Desmond Bane - 1.8 3PM, 48.9% 3-PT FG

The Grizzlies have Dillon Brooks on the squad who is a nice shooter, but Desmond Bane is the best shooter on the team. He is only making less than 2 threes a game at the moment so the coach should probably give him more attempts.

Miami Heat

Best Shooter: Duncan Robinson - 3.8 3PM, 46.1% 3-PT FG

The Miami Heat have an incredible marksman in Duncan Robinson. Perhaps other than Stephen Curry, no active player in the league is more automatic from three. Robinson has a beautiful stroke and by making close to 4 threes a game at 46.1%, he is an untouchable piece for the Heat.

Milwaukee Bucks

Best Shooter: Khris Middleton - 2.6 3PM, 44.3% 3-PT FG

The Bucks believed so much in Middleton's shooting that they signed him to a max deal not too long ago. Middleton is a great shooter who should probably get more attempts from beyond because he always shoots a solid percentage.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Best Shooter: D’Angelo Russell - 3.0 3PM, 40.0% 3-PT FG

The Timberwolves are once again a disappointment, but D'Angelo Russell's shooting hasn't been at all. The talented guard is the best shooter on the team making 3.0 3's a game and doing it at very solid efficiency.

New Orleans Pelicans

Best Shooter: Brandon Ingram - 2.1 3PM, 38.2% 3-PT FG

The Pelicans have J.J. Redick on the team, but he hasn't found his rhythm in the rotation at all this season. Brandon Ingram has been very solid from deep and is the best all-around shooter for New Orleans right now.

New York Knicks

Best Shooter: Alec Burks - 2.4 3PM, 52.2% 3-PT FG

The Knicks have found a nice signing in Alec Burks who was always a solid shooter, but he has turned it up a notch this year. Burks is draining over half his threes and has helped the Knicks far more than anyone anticipated.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Best Shooter: Luguentz Dort - 2.4 3PM, 43.6% 3-PT FG

Oklahoma City’s young forward is surprisingly the best shooter on the team. Dort made a big splash in last year’s playoffs and he showed glimpses of a jumper, but he has worked on it this offseason. Dort is making over 2 3’s a game at a high percentage which is a good sign for the Thunder staff.

Orlando Magic

Best Shooter: Nikola Vucevic - 2.8 3PM, 42.7% 3-PT FG

It is not often that the starting center on the team is the best shooter, but this is the case with Nikola Vucevic in Orlando. The big man is nailing over 40% of his threes so far this season, and he uses his range to keep his game very versatile. Vucevic is actually one of the most underrated stars in the league right now.

Philadelphia 76ers

Best Shooter: Seth Curry - 3.1 3PM, 59.6% 3-PT FG

No surprise the other Curry appears on this list. Seth Curry has been a great addition for the 76ers and his shooting has opened up the game for Joel Embiid tremendously well. Curry is nailing almost 60% of his threes so far this season while nailing at least 3 a game. It runs in the family, so Seth will be Philadelphia’s best shooter all season long.

Phoenix Suns

Best Shooter: Mikal Bridges - 2.7 3PM, 47.5% 3-PT FG

Phoenix has some nice knockdown shooters in Chris Paul and Devin Booker, but neither player has come close to what Bridges has done so far this season. Bridges is a very talented player and his ability to space the floor has made Phoenix a very difficult team to beat.

Portland Trail Blazers

Best Shooter: CJ McCollum - 4.8 3PM, 44.1% 3-PT FG

Damian Lillard is known as the best shooter on the team, but CJ has been on another level. He is making almost 5 threes a game while shooting a tad over 44%. McCollum can create his own shot from anywhere on the court, and he looks to be on track to making his first All-Star Team this season.

Sacramento Kings

Best Shooter: Buddy Hield - 3.8 3PM, 37.5% 3-PT FG

Buddy Hield is the best shooter in Sacramento and it isn't close. Hield is a knockdown shooter by nature, and he is making almost 4 3’s a game for the Kings. Hield attracts a ton of attention from the perimeter every game, so it will be interesting to see if he can keep up his shooting.

San Antonio Spurs

Best Shooter: Patty Mills - 2.8 3PM, 41.9% 3-PT FG

Patty Mills is just a great servant for the San Antonio Spurs. Like an energizer bunny off the bench, Mills can heat up quickly and he has been the best shooter for San Antonio this season. Mills is draining almost 3 3’s a game but the Spurs should probably try to find more range from elsewhere on the roster to improve their offense.

Toronto Raptors

Best Shooter: Fred VanVleet - 3.2 3PM, 35.6% 3-PT FG

The rise of VanVleet has been fun to watch. He does everything well as a guard, including defending the perimeter and creating chances for his team. VanVleet is making the most 3’s for his team at the moment, but it hasn't led to many Raptors wins as their problems lie elsewhere.

Utah Jazz

Best Shooter: Donovan Mitchell - 3.5 3PM, 40.8% 3-PT FG

Donovan Mitchell is a star, and he has the potential to become one of the best players in the league. Mitchell is an offensive machine and he has led the Utah Jazz to one of the top-3 records in the Western Conference. Mitchell has received criticism from the likes of Shaquille O’Neal for not improving his all-around game, but he is a bonafide All-Star.

Washington Wizards

Best Shooter: Davis Bertans - 2.8 3PM, 36.0% 3-PT FG

The Washington Wizards forked out $80 million on Davis Bertans because of his deep-range prowess. Bertans is a knockdown shooter but he hasn’t quite been as effective as he should be which is a testament to the Wizards’ poor start to the season. Bertans is shooting 36.0% which is still very good, but he should improve his range as the season goes on.

Unless otherwise indicated, all stats courtesy of (January 24th, 2021)


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