Anthony Davis will start a new chapter in his career with the Los Angeles Lakers after spending his entire career with the New Orleans Pelicans. Davis lands in L.A. hoping to get his new team to the top of the league, teaming up with one of the best players in the history of the game, LeBron James.

After the good offseason the Californians had, landing the big man via trade with the Pelicans, it’s expected that this squad wins at least one NBA championship while LeBron is still playing at a high level; otherwise, this whole thing would be pointless.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has stated that things are exactly like that, assuring that if Davis doesn’t win a title with the King, it will be a failure. On Tuesday edition of First Take, Smith was asked if AD not winning a title with the Purple and Gold would be a failure, as to he replied:

“Hell yeah, without question,” Smith said. “Unlike other sports, basketball, give me two stars and I’m instantly a contender. When you say LeBron James and AD, they have not dribbled the basketball yet officially, not a preseason game, not a practice; damn sure not a regular-season game or a playoff game or whatever, and already they’re title contenders.”

Then, Smith went to explain and debate why it would be a failure if AD doesn’t’ get a chip with the Lakers with Domonique Foxworth. They engaged in a debate about other great players who didn’t win a championship, comparing them to Davis.

“Anthony Davis and LeBron James have each other. Anthony Davis, who’s never won a title, I’m thinking he’s going to be in L.A. for at least the next three years. If LeBron James and Anthony Davis don’t win a title in the next three years, I’m sorry, that’s a failure.”

Following that, the name of Michael Jordan was brought up as the responsible for taking trophies out of the hands of several players, which made Smith compare the Lakers duo to the Bulls legend.

“Anthony Davis and LeBron James together are the equivalent of Jordan in today’s game,” Smith added. “The question to this subject was: if Anthony Davis with LeBron James for the next three years, if you don’t walk away with one title in three years, that is a failure.”

Stephen A. has a solid point here. Not only the Lakers, but every other team around the league with a great duo also has to aspire to a title and nothing more than a title. If you take the same question to the Clippers, the answer will be the same, no matter if they have to pass by the Lakers themselves to win it all.

However, with the quality that Davis and James bring to the table, it’s mandatory to say that they are obligated to win the title within the next three years because this team is built precisely to achieve that.

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