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Since the start of the new season, we have seen many players dominate the field with insane statistics leading to multiple W’s in the win column.

In order to follow the Race to the MVP all season long, we will be ranking the top 10 players who have performed best per consecutive week.

Of course, impact and productivity over the season will come into effect only to be updated on a weekly basis.

Here is this week’s MVP Power Rankings.


Honorable Mention


Devin Booker

Booker made it clear that he wants to improve his game, and he has certainly shown it this season. He currently averages 25.6 points per game for a Suns team that is actually competitive for the first time in a while. If Booker can keep this up, the road to the Playoffs might not be as long as we can expect. Booker must continue to lead his young core of guys if he wants the team to improve.

For now, Booker is playing well thanks to his explosive offensive and improved ability to create his own shot and attack the rim with strength. It will be interesting to see how he improves as the season progresses.


10. Damian Lillard

(via Sporting News)

Lillard has always been a big-time player who comes up in big-time moments. This has not changed, and Lillard is putting up solid numbers as the main man on the team. Lillard is averaging 30 points and 7 assists for a pretty good Trail Blazers team. While Lillard is up against the steep competition in the West, his big-game performances will always place him firmly in a top 10 NBA MVP power ranking.

Lillard needs more consistency from his teammates if he wants to challenge for a better record, as he does not have much perimeter help other than C.J. McCollum. If Lillard can find a third scorer on the team, he could be the best player for a top-four seed.


9. Karl-Anthony Towns

David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

KAT looks much better this year compared to last year. He is averaging around 27 and 12 and really seems to have an edge to him this season. Finally, the noise surrounding his attitude has gotten to him and he’s putting in the work. The Wolves are currently 5-3 and do not seem to be the pushovers they have been in the past. KAT is still young, so his performances so far earns him a spot on the rankings.

KAT must generate more wins for his team if he wants a shot at the MVP Award, and so far he has been producing at a high level. KAT needs to keep getting stronger while developing a killer mentality in order for him to enter the elite big man conversation.


8. Kemba Walker

(via The Boston Globe)

Starting off the list at number one is Kemba Walker. After bowing out unexpectedly with Team USA in this summers FIBA Tournament, Walker received a lot of criticism on his play and even his prospective season with the Celtics.

But he has balled out. Walker currently averages 26 points a game for a Celtics team that is currently 6-1. The Celtics have actually been a refreshing surprise since many of them expected to suffer after the loss of Kyrie Irving and Al Horford. But Walker has done an outstanding job at leading this team’s offense and being a difference-maker so far.


7. Kyrie Irving

(via Sports Illustrated)

Kyrie Irving is simply a box office. He is so exciting to watch thanks to his aerial prowess and scoring ability. Kyrie has it all on the offensive end, including deep range shooting and quick dribble moves leaving defenders in the dust. Kyrie is very capable of exploding for 50 points, as he has done already this season, and there isn’t much any defender can do about it when he’s got it going.

Irving has been a revelation for Brooklyn, who are still undermanned without Kevin Durant. If Kyrie can continue scoring like he is, and the Nets keep winning, he will be a contender for this award all year long. It will be exciting times in New York when Kevin Durant returns, that is for certain.


6. Kawhi Leonard

(via Sports Illustrated)

Kawhi is averaging 29 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists for possibly a top-two team in the West. Despite playing without Paul George, Kawhi has shown the ability to take over games this season by scoring and through his defensive leadership. The reigning Finals MVP is dominating the game on both ends, and he will probably be the best player on his team all the way until the playoffs.

Kawhi needs to minimize load management if he wants a shot at the MVP nonetheless. The Clippers will be a force all season long, and Kawhi must play a ton of games for him to convince the media members and pundits that he is deserving of the award. While he might want to hoist another Finals MVP trophy once again, a regular-season MVP won’t hurt either.


5. James Harden


James Harden is right back where he left off last season, dominating the scoring charts by averaging 36.5 points per game. Harden is quite simply the best offensive player in the world and he is just unstoppable. The rockets have looked a bit shaky so far this season, but it is not Harden’s fault barring a few poor shooting nights. It will take time for the team to adjust to Russell Westbrook, so expect Harden to take over games as he has been doing.

Harden can very well average 36 points a game for the entire season once again, and if he can lead the Rockets to a top-three seed he might be a two-time MVP winner. Harden must be careful not to burn himself out before the playoffs, so Westbrook must play like an MVP as well.


4. Luka Doncic

Luka took the NBA by storm last year, and he is continuing that dominance. Doncic is putting up incredible numbers for a man in his second season, averaging 26.7 points, 9.9 rebounds, and 9.1 assists for a pretty good Mavericks squad. While his numbers scream MVP candidate, it’s his impact on the floor that is most impressive.

Doncic is pretty much a superstar already and seems capable of carrying a franchise on his broad shoulders. It won’t be long before the Mavericks are a force in the West.

Doncic is playing up to his competition and seems to perform best when the best players play against him. Most recently against LeBron James and the Lakers, Doncic was a monster. Expect the young guy to continue his dominance all season long.


3. Anthony Davis

(via bleacherreport.com)

Anthony Davis has looked like a man among boys this year, putting up astronomical numbers. AD is averaging 26.6 points and 10.9 rebounds for a very dominant Lakers team. It is clear what Davis brings to the Lakers, and he is simply the best power forward in the game by a wide margin. If Davis can continue his incredible production, he has a legitimate shot at the MVP this year.

The only knock so far on AD has been opening night, where he just seemed out of it and lethargic. Since then, he has been an absolute monster on both ends of the floor and has seemingly formed an already dominant partnership with LeBron James. It will be interesting to see if AD can outperform his superstar teammate.


2. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Reigning MVP Giannis is right back at it, averaging 29 points and 14 rebounds a game. Giannis looks like a better player this year, with a stronger body and more experience to his approach to the game. It seems the FIBA experience helped him since he looks like a better leader as well. Giannis should be a top-two MVP candidate all season long, and all he has to do is keep doing what has been working for over a year so far.

Giannis will be leading the Bucks all year long, and they have a shot of an easy two seed finish at the least. The Bucks are well-coached and have a great shooting cast of defenders and shooters surrounding Giannis. Expect him to continue to put up massive numbers while winning close to 60 games again this year.


1. LeBron James

Credit: NBA.com

The King, LeBron James, is vying for the MVP Award at age 35. He simply deserves it up until this point, dominating both the playmaking and scoring aspect of the game. So far this season, James is averaging 26 points, 11 assists, and 8 rebounds per game for the very dominant Lakers. This man is on a mission to prove every single doubter wrong. His last MVP season was in 2012-2013, so he is hungry for more shine on his resume.

Perhaps most importantly, he is making an impact on the court defensively. James looks refreshed, rejuvenated, and excited to play this season alongside AD and this has picked up his defensive effort. James is reigning king of the NBA so far this season, thanks to his spectacular play as the team’s main point guard and the Lakers excellent record (winning six straight).