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Esteemed NBA insider Stephen A. Smith recently delivered a message on Kawhi Leonard’s behalf: “someone tell LeBron to stop being scared to guard me!”

At the time, it was a rather shocking thing to supposedly hear from Kawhi, who has always been a bit timid when it comes to off-court theatrics. That is, if it’s even true at all.

Kawhi’s teammate Lou Williams has since completely denied the report, claiming Leonard would never say something like that.

There is no questioning that Smith got the report from someone in Kawhi’s camp. But whether or not it’s something Kawhi said himself seems doubtful now.

Kawhi has never been much of a trash talker, even despite his supposed rivalry with LeBron James. Besides saying something about being the King of L.A., Leonard hasn’t done much talking at all besides questions that the media asks him.

Nonetheless, when the two inevitably meet in the playoffs this year, it will be an epic battle to behold. Bron will no doubt step up to the challenge of guarding the Klaw.

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