(via Lakers Outsiders)

The matter of Anthony Davis’ free agency has the whole league on edge. After being traded to L.A. just this past summer, he has outright refused to make any long-term commitment to the franchise.

This fact has drawn a lot of questions about his upcoming free agency. Will he consider a move? Do the Lakers have to persuade him? Will his deal be short term?

According to Bill Oram of The Athletic, some people familiar with the Lakers’ inner workings expect Davis to sign a three-year contract, instead of the five-year, $202 million deal he can sign on July 1.

Some inside the Lakers anticipate Davis might pass on a five-year contract in favor of a three-year deal with a player option in the third year, similar to the contract Kawhi Leonard signed with the Clippers last summer. That would allow Davis to hit free agency in 2022, when he would be just 29, and still in his prime, and James would be 37 going on 38. 

For Davis, it’s all about security. He wants to make a ton of money but also wants a way out if things don’t live up to his expectations. At 35-years-old now, LeBron James won’t be able to produce at this level for much longer.

In a few years, when Bron’s time is up, Davis might be ready to reconsider his options.

Plus, in the event the Lakers big man opts out of the final year of the deal in the summer of 2022, he will already have completed 10 NBA seasons, thus allowing him to sign a deal worth up to 35 percent of his team’s salary cap.

There is a plan here, and Davis clearly plans to see it through.