Although his team is struggling to find a proper form in the NBA right now, Kelly Oubre Jr. is apparently trying to make some winner moves off the court. The small forward has been spotted liking some pictures that raised a lot of speculation.

It looks like the NBA players have the same taste in women. Oubre was, at one point, spotted with Kendall Jenner, just like the Los Angeles Lakers’ star Kyle Kuzma.

Oubre isn’t stopping there; the 24-year-old was recently caught liking Kuzma’s ex-girlfriend Katya Elise Henry’s pics, and even recently liked a Twitter post of her.

He seems very serious about this. Oubre has taken the game to different levels by liking a Twitter post. That’s a bold move nowadays.

He’s calculated his steps and you can say this isn’t an accident.


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i like best when you’re fresh faced n no foundation

Una publicación compartida de Katya Elise Henry ♡ (@katyaelisehenry) el


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Merry Christmas Eve 🎄🎅🏽❤️😁

Una publicación compartida de Katya Elise Henry ♡ (@katyaelisehenry) el

While Oubre’s Suns rank 11th in the Western Conference, Kuzma and his Lakers remain at the top of the standings with one of the best records in the league. However, now it looks like the Suns’ star is trying to win Henry’s heart and give Kuzma a big L.

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