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The Philadephia 76ers put together one of the most promising one-two punches the league had seen in a while by drafting Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, to potentially generational talents.

And while both of them have flourished and thrived individually and showed glimpses of greatness, there have been some concerns about how they actually complement or fit next to each other.

So, with the Philadelphia 76ers underperforming on the road vs. subpar teams and now Al Horford also creating some spacing issues next to Embiid, rumor around the league is that the Sixers could look to trade one of their two superstars, as per Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck:

“There are plenty of people around the league who believe this is it, these are the final days of Embiid and Simmons together,” Beck said on The Full 48 podcast.

Joel Embiid recently shushed the Sixers’ crowd after knocking down a dagger three vs. the Chicago Bulls, and he went on to social media to post a picture of that gesture with the caption “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”.

That obviously didn’t fare well with the fans and he was loudly booed during team introduction vs. the Los Angeles Clippers, and that did little to put those rumors about a potential trade at ease.

So, if the Sixers underperform in the playoffs again, expect Elton Brand and the team’s front office to consider all options about their future.

Embiid and Simmons are two of the most talented and promising players in the world. However, there have been some concerns about their durability and work ethic.

Still, if the Sixers start to consider the possibility of one of them leaving town, you’d have to believe they’ll demand a lot in return, as they could be the building block on any Championship team.