Besides being one of the most beloved and respected journalists and analysts of the American sports industry, Stephen A. Smith is also a huge entertainer.

His hot takes, constant screaming and well-thought insights are something not a single sports fan in the world can escape from, and he made sure to deliver during the All-Star Weekend.

So, after being hit with the first technical foul on NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, Smith followed through with a tweet for the ages.

ESPN’s Twitter account posted a picture of Team LeBron vs. Team Giannis with a special twist: the pic included just baby photos of the players captioned “From babies to All-Stars”.

That’s when Smith, hilarious as he is, posted a poorly-edited photo of himself using the Snapchat baby filter to alter an old pic from him during his high school days.

Needless to say, the internet lost it when they saw Smith’s epic tweet and started sharing some edited photos of their own.

This is what the All-Star Weekend is all about. Chilling, relaxing and bracing for what’s to come in the season. Never change, Stephen A.!

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