Michael Jordan is widely considered as the greatest player of all time, and all the things he did in the NBA are the biggest proof of that. However, before he made it to the association, MJ was already seen as the best player to ever do it by a legendary coach.

Before the 1984 NBA draft, Jordan was already getting praised for his game and the things he could bring to the table. Proof of that was coach Bob Knight, who coached MJ in the 1984 Olympics and even claimed the North Carolina product was the best basketball player he’s ever seen.

Footage shows the coach praising the NBA legend, calling him one of the best athletes, competitors and most skilled players he’s seen.

“If I were going to pick three or four best athletes I’ve ever seen play basketball, he’d be one of them. I think he’s the best athlete I’ve ever seen play basketball, bar none. If I were going to pick people with the best ability I’ve ever seen play the game, he’d be one of them. If I wanted to pick one of the best competitors, he’d be one of them. He’s the best athlete, he’s one of the best competitors, he’s one of the most skilled players, and that to me makes him the best basketball player I’ve ever seen play.”


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The Blazers didn’t trust coach Knight, and Chicago is eternally grateful.

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Knight even told the Portland Trail Blazers to pick Jordan and play him at center, but we know what happened. They selected Sam Bowie with the second overall pick that night and MJ arrived in Chicago to change the history of the Bulls.

In the end, Jordan was everything Knight said and more, winning 6 titles with Chicago, collecting several individual awards and showing fierce competitiveness that made him the best player to ever do it.

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