One NBA 2K player bet with his girlfriend on one match. One simple match. The bet? If he lost, he had to give her his password. These types of bets are very famous on the internet, but this time this man didn’t take any risk and went to the neck, defeating his girlfriend in a big way, leaving no chance for her to even think about coming back on the scoreboard.

To make sure everything was right, he picked the East All-Star team as his team. The lady selected the Oklahoma City Thunder to fight for that password. In the end, the boy won the game, as expected, by a 215-63 score, totally dominating his girlfriend and leaving no doubt that the password was going to stay with him.

We wonder what he was hiding on his cellphone to take things that seriously and destroy his girlfriend’s team so bad. Well, now he can be sure that nothing is going to happen with his cellphone and his data or pictures or messages or whatever he has there.