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Between Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, and Anthony Davis, it’s fair to say LeBron James has played with more than his fair share of stars over the years. While nobody is taking anything away from him or his success as a basketball player, one cannot ignore how great he has had it in terms of being surrounded with All-Star teammates.

But among all the names he has played with, who is the best? In a recent Twitter poll of over 120,000 people, fans picked Anthony Davis.

Considering Bron and Davis have yet to win a chip together, it’s surprising that the numbers weren’t even all that close. Davis took over 50% of the vote, with 10% going to Kyrie and 39% going to Wade. The results are clear, but why?

No doubt, part of it is being a prisoner of the times. We’re seeing LeBron and Davis on the court, right now, and it may be harder for some of us to remember Bron’s partnerships with Kyrie and Wade. The stat sheet is also on “The Brow’s” side, though.

Unlike in James’ previous stints, he has often deferred to AD on the offensive end, which is why he leads the Lakers in points at 26.5 per game this season. On the defensive end, one could argue that Anthony Davis is just flat-out better, which is why he leads the Lakers in rebounds, blocks, and steals.

For as good as Dwyane Wade and Kyrie Irving were, they were always sidekicks and LeBron was leading those teams in almost every category. Furthermore, when you compare the three of them, Davis is averaged more points (24), rebounds (10.4), and blocks (2.4) over his career so far than both Uncle Drew and The Flash.

The conclusion? As crazy as it may seem, it’s not crazy to call Anthony Davis the best player Bron has ever played with. He has certainly done more with The King than anybody else who has played with him.

But until he wins a title, it’ll be hard to put him over anyone.

These next few weeks will be important for him to solidify his place in NBA history.