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Everybody was expecting Jimmy Butler to extend his contract with the Philadelphia 76ers this summer. They had a tough team that could use a leader like him to turn the page and contend and they were an unlucky bounce away from taking the champions to overtime in the playoffs.

But instead of running it back, Butler decided to create a superteam of his own at South Beach. That Superteam, however, wasn’t going to be full of superstars but of people who were willing to leave their bodies on the line on every single possession.

People were wary about the Heat’s ability to compete this season, even despite Butler’s addition. Fast forward to the playoffs and they’re one of the biggest dark horses out of the Eastern Conference. Moreover, they have Jimmy Buckets’ blueprints all over them, and that’s why he’s liked it that much down there:

“I get to be me. I get to cuss people out when they not doing they job, they gon’ cuss me out whenever I’m not doing mine. We don’t take nothing personal,” Butler said when he was asked about the team’s success.

Jimmy went on to add that his teammates know that he means well when he’s harsh to them. He knows it may not come out well at the time but all he wants to do is lead and win.

Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley have done a remarkable job of building a winning culture in Miami. The team works as a unit on both ends of the floor, especially in defense. There’s no ego, there’s only a determination to beat every team they play.

Butler deserves a lot of credit for the way he’s leading this team. They’re up 2-0 in the first round and play like a team with no fear and nothing to lose.