(via Total Pro Sports)

The 2020 NBA playoff bubble games have been quite an interesting spectacle to witness. With several upsets, multiple 30+ point blowouts, and plenty of intensity, things are getting pretty heated between teams in Orlando.

Kendrick Perkins recently proposed a solution on Twitter, jokingly citing a lack of testosterone as the problem.

Obviously it’s tough for players to be without their families for so long, and not having women to comfort and fulfill their needs has been a regular topic regarding the restart. In the comment section, multiple players seemed in agreeance with the Fox Sports analyst.

Obviously this was meant more as a joke than anything else, but many think that the league should allow players to bring a visitor with them in the bubble.

This might help their state of mind and may actually lower aggression during the games.

Of course, it also comes with the risk of exposing the players to COVID-19, something that has yet to happen since the playoff began.

All-in-all, it’s unlikely players will be allowed to have a partner join them in the Orlando quarantine. they’ll just have to find a way to cope until the playoffs are over.