Donovan Mitchell was an overlooked prospect entering the 2017 NBA Draft. He slipped all the way to the Denver Nuggets at the 13th spot but was later traded to the Utah Jazz for Tyler Lydon and Trey Lyles.

Mitchell hit the ground running and turned a lot of heads during his rookie year. He kind of hit a wall during his sophomore season but has now taken his game to a whole new level in the playoffs. Ironically, the Denver Nuggets have suffered him and are yet to find an answer for the guy they traded.

Spida joined Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan as the only two players in NBA history to have multiple 50-point games in one playoff series but apparently, he’s not interested into that kind of stuff right now, as he’s focused solely on winning the series:

“They won, I haven’t done anything yet. To be honest with you, all I did was win Game 4. I mean, 50 is 50 but you know, we’re looking to close the series out man. I mean, I’m honored to be in that category, don’t get me wrong, and I’m very humbled and blessed but hey, we still got one more game left and that’s really what’s on my mind. We fought hard, we knew they were gonna come out and that was a big game for all of us so that’s really where my head is at,” Mitchell said.

Donovan Mitchell has worked his heart off for the Utah Jazz. He became the undisputed leader of the team at the ripe age of 23 and even though Rudy Gobert is their defensive anchor, it feels like they’ll only go as far as Mitchell can get them.

The Utah Jazz are one game away from making it to the 2nd round of the playoffs after taking 3 straight games from them. Now, they have to close the series out.