(via Heat Nation)

There has been a lot of buzz around the Philadelphia 76ers organization lately. Fans were wondering whether the team was intending to trade either Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid and while Elton Brand already ruled that possibility out, anything can happen in the league.

Joel Embiid recently tweeted ‘If…’ during Jimmy Butler’s heroic 40-point performance vs. the Milwaukee Bucks, thus leading to fans speculating about if he wanted to join Butler in South Beach.

And, when asked about it, Butler had nothing but praise for his former teammate, telling The Athletic that he loves him and helped him a lot to become the player he is now:

“That’s my guy. Outside of basketball, I love that man to death. He knows that. I tell him every opportunity I get, and I appreciate him for making me a better player, a better leader, better at understanding so many different things,” Butler said.

The Philadelphia 76ers traded for Joel Embiid and then lowballed him in free agency, thus leading to him signing with the Miami Heat. Now, the Sixers are watching from home while Miami has a 1-0 lead over the top seed in the East.

Butler had already said that he knows a place where villains are welcome when Embiid shushed the Sixers’ crowd earlier in the season, so the rumors about Embiid taking his talents to South Beach have been looming around for quite some time now. Then again, there’s no sign that the Sixers are interested in making a move right now.