One imagines being the son of the GOAT, Michael Jordan, must have some benefits. Well, that appears to be the case but none of that helped Marcus Jordan on Tuesday when he was ranting about how bad his internet was. The cause of the failure is undisclosed but Marcus was pissed according to his tweets and the responses he sent after that.

One fan replied to him with the most random tweet to this situation, reminding him that his father is none other than Michael Jordan, His Airness.

“Bro your dad is michael jordan,” the user wrote.

Marcus wasn’t having of that and called out this person for his comment.

“How TF that’s gone help my internet rn🤨😑,” he said.

It’s unclear if this person was just trying to give props to him, he was trying to tell him to use his father’s connections or he just found out Marcus was the son of Michael, but the timing to write this wasn’t the best one. We’re not sure how the whole situation ended up, if the internet connection got better for Jordan if he called his dad to use his clout to fix this situation or anything else.

The only thing we learned here is don’t mess with Marcus when he’s mad. He’s just like his father.