Steve Kerr has seen LeBron James dominate the league for a long time now. When he was a broadcaster and then when he started coaching the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. The evolution of James is undeniable as he keeps playing at the highest level, taking his Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA Finals after 10 years and doing so in a great fashion. Those performances have earned him a lot of praise and Kerr isn’t the exception.

The head coach has big praise for the player, claiming he gets better every year, even at 35 and with 17 NBA seasons on his back. During an interview with 95.7 The Game’s “Damon, Ratto and Kolsky,” Kerr explained why he believes LeBron is actually a better player now than he was during his stint with the Miami Heat.

“I think LeBron is actually a way better player now than he was six years ago when he played in Miami,” Kerr said. “It’s remarkable watching the offensive transformation since then, and his confidence in his shooting, and that’s what Miami has to deal with.”

Miami Bron was a bad dude, he was incredibly dominant on both ends of the court and many people consider that the best version we’ve seen of LeBron is his career. Now he shows flashes of that man but there is no doubt that Bron from 2010-14 was a different beast.

Right now he’s leading the Lakers on their way to the NBA title. They’re leading the Finals after winning Game 1 against the Miami Heat on Wednesday night. You can have your favorite version of the King, but there is no doubt that he’s been great whenever he’s gone.