Colby Covington once again has charged against LeBron James, blasting the Los Angeles Lakers superstar for his political views and his ‘privileges.’ Colby, a big Donald Trump supporter, has been attacking the King for quite some time now, taking shots at LeBron after his fights in the UFC as well as making social media post specifically aimed at James and his supporters.

Well, Colby isn’t done and he recently took some shots at Bron following Nate Robinson’s fight with Youtube star Jake Paul. Robinson was KO’d by his opponent and everybody had something to say about it. One of those was the former UFC Welterweight championship challenger, who didn’t miss the chance to send a message to Bron. While attacking Robinson, Covington remembered LeBron, making it clear that he could be the next to get knocked out.

“Heard they finally scraped @nate_robinson’s carcass off the @staplescenter floor. I’d make @kingjames eat the canvas in half the amount of time. Everyone knows current @NBA players are the softest and most privileged athletes on the planet. #TysonJones #Facts”

People have mixed opinions on how a hypothetical fight between LeBron and Colby would go, but there is no clear sign that the King is actually interested in facing who has become one of his biggest haters in the ring or anywhere else. It looks like Colby will keep shouting words to LeBron and the latter won’t pay much attention to that.

Covington is great at what he does and he should probably focus on getting a second chance at the UFC Welterweight belt, although he’s made it clear that he wants to fight LeBron at some point.