James Harden is still trying to get out of Houston, doing anything he can to force a move out of H-Town. The shooting guard has missed practices, broke league protocols against COVID-19 and more. He clearly wants out of the Rockets but his strategy to force an exit hasn’t worked as expected.

The 2018 NBA MVP is now in quarantine after once again breaking the league protocols against COVID-19, earning more criticism that he had already received for his antics. Nobody agrees with the things Harden is doing and NBA legend Vince Carter offered him a piece of advice to face this situation and have a better and smoother transition to any other team in the league. Instead of acting bad, Carter urged Harden to act as a good citizen and draw more attention than he currently has.

“I know James Harden doesn’t want to be there, he is doing everything he can to get moved, but James, just come to work, be a model citizen, so they can get value for you,” Carter said in a recent edition of ESPN’s The Jump.

This situation isn’t finished as of right now and the picture looks blurry every day. Nobody knows what will happen with Harden and the Rockets but now he has another option to approach this situation. What Carter says isn’t crazy at all and now Harden needs to act as correct as possible. Regardless of his talents, nobody would like to have a player that can ruin the chemistry of a team with this behavior.