The Brooklyn Nets are probably the most fun team to watch in the NBA right now. First, they showed good things with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and after the latter went “off the grid,” James Harden arrived and he’s demonstrating he can lead this team to compete in the Eastern Conference.

Now they’re considered the biggest favorites to come out of the East but they are not unbeatable. At least that is what Kenny “The Jet” Smith thinks. The former NBA-player-turned analyst recently made the case for other teams like the Philadelphia 76ers as a good candidate to beat them due to one big reason: height. He explained that the Nets are small and that can be bad for them in the future.

“The biggest thing for the Nets: are they going to be big enough? They are very small. You could beat them up physically if you are Phillies, Embiid, Ben Simmons could score inside, or even the Celtics with Tatum. They could punish you with size.”

The Nets have three incredible players in their lineup but against certain teams, they may struggle to win. The Sixers are the prime sample of that, as well as the Celtics. They haven’t had many problems so far but now the challenge will be bigger when Kyrie Irving returns to the lineup.

Nobody knows how this whole thing will end up; the league is still young but the Nets could be looking to add more height to round up a very interesting squad.