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The Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets closed another week of action in the NBA with a very entertaining match that had everything. The #2 team in the East against the #2 team in the West clashed at the Staples Center in a duel of duos that ultimately won the East Coast team.

Kyrie Irving and James Harden went off on Sunday night, scoring a bunch of points to take their team to the win but the rest of the team played their part, contributing to the 6th consecutive win of the Nets. Bruce Brown keeps demonstrating he was a big acquisition for his team, helping them become a big force in the East and showing he isn’t afraid of anybody.

During last night’s game, he went at it against Paul George, having some big words to describe the Clippers star.

As he drove to the basket, George committed a foul on Brown and they started a brief exchange, with the Nets player ultimately calling PG a ‘p***y’.


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Cameras caught the moment and everybody went crazy when that happened, with some fans trolling Paul George for being disrespected at such a high level and a lot more often than any other star in the NBA.

This is not the first time George is disrespected by a rival. Last season, Seth Curry called PG13 a ‘b*tch’ during the Clippers-Mavericks series in the bubble postseason; at the start of this year, Devin Booker called him a ‘soft a** n***a’ and more.

Fans have also joined that trend, calling him ‘Pandemic P’ during the bubble and making fun of him when the Clippers suffered a 51-point loss against the Mavericks. It’s incredible how much hate this man receives but he’s not backing down. He’s set to demonstrate to people he’s at the best of his level and can make a good impact on his team.

In the end, the Nets won the game with a controversial play involving James Harden and Kawhi Leonard. The New Yorkers left Los Angeles with another win and having disrespected the Clippers at home. A great night for them.