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16-Year-Old LaMelo Ball Selects Between Cardi B Or Nicki Minaj: 'On What? Like Uh Uh Or Musically?'


LaMelo Ball is still a very entertaining player to watch on the court and to hear talking. The Charlotte Hornets young star was wild back then when he was still a teenager with no filter and a young boy trying to make people laugh. 

When he was 16, the 2021 Rookie of the Year candidate was asked who he'd prefer between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, two of the hottest female rappers out there. The kid apparently didn't understand the question and had to make his own one to clarify what they were talking about. 

"Like on what? Uh-uh? Or music?" He asked. "On music Cardi B, but sexual... Nicki Minaj."

He was clearly confused with that question and even replied the thing that nobody asked him to answer. This kid has always been entertaining to watch and hear and even more when he was younger. 

Now he's gotten a little better, trying to act the right way after becoming an NBA player, but that doesn't mean he hasn't made moves, especially with women. First, he was linked to IG model Ana Montana after the latter was spotted with Melo's friends at a Hornets game.

More recently, rumors have suggested that Melo has something going on with adult film star Teanna Trump, who was spotted at the Spectrum Center more than once. 

With that response about Nicki or Cardi, you already knew Melo would be a problem, and time has confirmed that.