Antoine Walker's Beautiful Daughter Stunned NBA Fans After She Signed A Deal With Barstool Sports

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NBA fans were pleasantly surprised by Antoine Walker's daughter, Alana after the girl took advantage of her social media presence to strike interesting deals with companies. 

After the NCAA's board of directors lifted the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) restriction, plenty of college student-athletes decided to go get their bag, and Miss Walker wasn't an exception. 

Walker, a Northwestern Volleyball Alum who recently transferred to Virginia, saw a big opportunity after the NIL restrictions were lifted. She shared an Instagram story calling potential sponsors and partners, drawing a lot of attention. 


It didn't take long for Alana to get offers, as she ended up striking a deal with Barstool Sports. The company welcomed her and a couple of other athletes to their roster, confirming we've entered a new era in college sports. 

The 22-year-old has received a lot of love on social media. People showed their excitement about her future, and Walker herself highlighted some of the posts about her on her Instagram stories.

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She's been getting a lot of attention recently, amassing a considerable number of fans across Instagram (163K followers), TikTok (208,800 followers), and Twitter (12.6K followers). 

Signing with Barstool Sports is certainly an exciting opportunity for Alana Walker. There's no doubt that her following will grow after her deal and there is certainly a bright future ahead.

Hopefully, she can make better financial decisions than her father. Antoine Walker faced trouble after he retired from the NBA, filing for bankruptcy in 2010. 

The NCAA made a game-changing decision for student-athletes, and some of them are ready to hit the bank. Alana Walker is someone who is capitalizing on that decision, and it is hard to fault someone for wanting to make money.