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Ayesha Curry Reveals Her Family's First Impression Of Stephen Curry: “When We First Met, And I Thought He Was So Cute And My Family Being Like, ‘He Looks Like Your Brother.’”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Stephen and Ayesha Curry are one of the most beloved NBA couples right now. They have a happy marriage with three kids and plenty of joy daily. The Currys are an inspiration for many people around the world after growing and learning together for several years.

Their story is very inspirational, but there are parts of it we're yet to know. Recently, the couple joined 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' to talk about their new show, 'About Last Night,' while revealing details of their relationship. 

As soon as the interview started, Fallon asked them about their early days and the first time they met. Ayesha revealed that her family thought that Steph looked like her brother, which she refused to accept. 

“You know, it’s so funny. I was maybe 14 years old when we first met, and I just remember thinking he was so cute and my family being like, ‘He looks like your brother.’ I don’t see it. For whatever reason, every--all of our family. Listen, we took 23andMe test, we’re in the clear. Everything’s fine,”

As for Curry, he instantly noticed Ayesha was beautiful, too, but at the beginning, he saw her with different eyes. 

"I mean, I knew she was beautiful. We were both shy, so we didn't know really how to, you know, talk to each other and approach each other. But, I also knew she was from Canada, and my dad played for the Raptors for a little bit. When I lived up there, I loved Canadian candy. So she was the candy plug for a long time before we even started. Just bring back candy from Canada and we'll get off to a good start."

After that, Fallon asked Ayesha if she had a policy of not dating an athlete back in high school, and the TV personality confirmed it. 

"It did, in capital letters," she said. "I don't know why this was a high school activity that the theater teacher had us do, but she had us write down what we were looking for in a significant other. It was 'High School Musical' days, I was in my feelings and I wrote that on there. So it's like one of those things, be careful what you say because God definitely has a sense of humor."

Another thing these two have in common is their nickname. While Steph is called 'The Chef' on the court, Ayesha is an actual cook. Jimmy also touched on this, asking the wife if she gets mad whenever she hears Steph being called 'Chef.'

"It makes me raise an eyebrow because I just... I get it, he's cooking on the court, but I'm really like, I'm searing steaks over here. I don't get it, but we can share it. It's fine."

Steph, however, disagreed with that, giving in the nickname for his wife.

"Nah, we can't share it. You're giving that answer. I know 'happy wife, happy life.' And we had this conversation because Drake came up with that line in his song, 'Chef Curry with the pot,' and kind of took off from there. But the real 'Chef Curry' is Ayesha, so I had to relinquish... That nickname can never be used for me inside the house. If it's fanbase, it's cool, they can use whatever. But she's the real Chef Curry."

This couple is really inspiring. They knew what they wanted for their lives since they first met. The evolution brought them to this point, where they are one of the most beloved couples in the league. 

Their marriage just gets better, as they find more success in their respective careers. While Steph keeps breaking records in the NBA, Ayesha is invested in many activities, including her TV shows. If you want to talk about a power couple, this is the perfect example of that.