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Ben Simmons Has Dated More Women Than He Has Made 3-Pointers In The NBA

Ben Simmons Has Dated More Women Than He Has Made 3-Pointers In The NBA

Even in a time when we talk about Kyrie Irving not showing up to Nets games or Russell Westbrook turning the ball over 15 times in under 30 minutes, Ben Simmons is still the most scrutinized guard in the NBA.

Everybody seems to have a take on the former first-overall pick, his holdout and desire to leave the Philadelphia 76ers, and the reasons why he's yet to become a superstar.

That last thing seems to be slightly obvious at this point, as Simmons has been reluctant and unwilling to add the three-pointer to his repertoire, up to the point that defenses don't even bother trying to guard him in the perimeter.

Recently, a Redditor pointed out a stat that was kind of shocking: Simmons has dated more women (6) than knocked down three-pointers (5) throughout his 4-year career in the Association:

(Via u/eXXXoticNFTArt)

"To help show how Ben Simmons and his career 5 made three-pointers made (out of 34 for 14.7%) is astronomically unprecedented for any All-Star guard (since 1984), here's the women that he has been confirmed dating which exceeds his career made 3s.

1- 2016: Brittany Renner

2 - 2017: Dylan Gonzalez

3 - 2017-18: Tinashe

4 - 2018-19: Kendall Jenner

5 - 2019: Talia Richman

6 - 2021: Maya Jama"

Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I'm pretty sure that a lot of people would shoot their shot with models if they were young NBA stars. We're just stating facts and numbers.

Simmons' situation with the Philadelphia 76ers has reached a point of no return, with the team allegedly "waiting on a prayer" to get good value in return for him.

Then again, there's not much incentive to trade for a wantaway star who has shown some reluctance to listening to advice and working on the only thing that has held him back thus far.