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Charles Barkley Finally Fixed His Golf Swing: "No One Believed In Chuck When He Said He'd Fix His Swing."

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Charles Barkley surprised a lot of people on Wednesday when he showed an improved golf swing. Chuck has been trolled for his hitch for several years now and the 1993 NBA MVP got to work. After all the practice, he's looking better on the course.

The former NBA player-turned-analyst showed off a new swing at the Regions Tradition in Birmingham, where he faced Bo Jackson, another Auburn alumni. The Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns legend looked pretty comfortable before taking his first shot, and truth be told, it seemed just fine. 

He had warned everybody that his swing was really better after that first shot. Barkley reminded people that nobody believed in him. 

NBA fans reacted to this, celebrating Chuck's little victory after years of struggling to get a decent swing. Well, no more suffering for him but for his rivals. He's looking like a different player now, and that means problems for his competition. 

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It's never too late to get better in life and this is a big example of that. Finally, after several years of jokes, Chuck is playing well.