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Dennis Rodman Recalls The First Time He Was In Madonna’s Bed: “I Said, ‘I Wasn’t The Only One.’”

Dennis Rodman Recalls The First Time He Was In Madonna’s Bed: “I Said, ‘I Wasn’t The Only One.’”

Dennis Rodman was one of the most iconic people in the 90s. The Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls legend earned a reputation of being a bad boy not only for his stint in Detroit but for all the crazy things he did during his NBA career. 

The Worm really liked to party, as it was his way to feel completely free and unseen. During those years, he dated several women, including beautiful actress Carmen Electra. However, when we talk about the biggest 'catch' for Dennis, it was the Queen of Pop, Madonna. They only dated for a couple of months, but the attention their relationship drew was huge. 

Back in 1996, during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Dennis revealed some details about his short-lived relationship with Madonna. He made it clear that they could have been great together since they had similar personalities and approaches to life. Unfortunately, things didn't go as they wanted. 

"If it would've happened [that she had my baby], it would've been great. There's a system. Didn't happen, it's still great. Because I feel like it would have been just living hell... It would have been very difficult for me to live down being in the shadow of Madonna and having this baby and we have to like hide, and do all these crazy things that I was doing with her."

Dennis admitted that was the reason why he finished his relationship with the singer, explaining how hard it was for him to keep up with all the stunts Madonna had to do to try to have some privacy. 

Nevertheless, he also revealed some interesting facts about their partnership, and Oprah didn't miss asking about the first time Dennis and Madonna shared the bed. 

"As I walk, hit the door, I heard this little voice says, 'Dennis, where you going?' I'm like, 'going in here!" And I go in here and work out and sleep. She said, 'no, you're not, you're coming in here.' I'm like, 'oh, god.'"

After that, Winfrey asked about his thoughts during that moment, and Rodman answered like he only would.

"I'm saying, I wasn't the only one," he jokingly replied while the crowd laughs and claps. 

Even though this relationship was really short, both parties lived it very intensely. In just a couple of months, Rodman went from love to feeling drained by all the things he had to do to have some freedom with one of the most iconic artists of all time. It was hard for him to deal with the pressure of being an NBA player, and adding the pressure of being the boyfriend of a megastar definitely wasn't easy. 

There are some interesting about this relationship, including the one where Madonna offered Rodman $20 million to get her pregnant. Dennis would date more women after that, adding beautiful ladies to his list of ex-girlfriends and wives. The greatest rebounder of all time caught more than boards during his career.