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Devin Booker Reacts To Kendall Jenner's Halloween Photo Shoot: "Don't Forget!"

Devin Booker Reacts To Kendall Jenner's Halloween Photo Shoot: "Don't Forget!"

Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner have become one of the best couples in the NBA. After a year since they were first spotted together, the Phoenix Suns star and the supermodel have created a good relationship, supporting one another whenever they can. 

Recently, they starred in a wholesome moment when Kendall wished good luck to his significant other before a game. Things are going really well for the couple right now, and they don't miss a chance to play each other on social media. 

Halloween is Kendall's favorite festivity and Booker is making sure she respects the 'rules' of the celebration. After trolling the girl for using a stencil to carve her pumpkins, the player continued to send messages to the model on social media. 

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When the 25-year-old shared a series of pics as the 'Corpse Bride,' everybody was in awe of the girl, but Book had a different response to the pictures. 

"Don't forget!" Booker wrote in the comments. 


Nobody knows what this really means, and fans were quick to inquire Booker about it. Yet, the player hasn't responded to that. 

The only certain thing now is that these two enjoy each other's companies, becoming one of the most famous and loved couples in the NBA. While Book keeps trying to become a nightmare for the rest of the association, Kendall is doing her thing, enjoying her favorite time of the year. 

Perhaps we'll see them pulling off a costume couple to defeat the rest of the league. Maybe Devin can be the Victor to Kendall's Emily. 

NBA players already started celebrating Halloween, with some getting incredible costumes. Tonight could be a good night in terms of attires, but we'll have to wait and see.